Ranks and Advancement

Scout: The first rank in our League is a probationary one. This gives both the individual and the League time to decide whether or not the League of Intrepid Adventurers is the right fit.

Daredevil: This is the backbone of the League. this rank signifies a full member. (Attend 2 Guild meetings. Both have a desire to continue and have no Officer objections to induction.)

Pathfinder: A Pathfinder is adept at traveling the roads and trails of Azeroth. This person ventures forward without fear into unknown areas using the paths left behind to guide them safely to adventure’s threshold. (Present to an Officer these 4 items: Razor Sharp Beak, Forked Tongue, Thick Scaly Tail, Discolored Worg Heart)

Trailblazer: Trails no longer hold the same excitement. You make your own trails and blaze forward in the manner of a Truly Intrepid explorer. (Bring back one of each color power crystal from Un’Goro Crater to an Officer.)

Wayfarer: You are a Globetrotter, a world Traveler of great experience. All flight paths are under your dominion. (The Challenge: Setup a time with an Officer. You will be required to meet an Officer at a randomly determined location within 15 minutes.)

The next two ranks are equal within the League. They represent the basic paths taken by most members. Each member looking to further themselves within the Guild is encouraged to pick the path they most enjoy, and wish to share that joy with others. Everyone within these ranks are considered when the League searches for new Sojourners.

Navigator: As a Navigator you are able to lead the group to the furthest reaches of Azeroth and the Outlands without fear or are an activist and leader for the ongoing conflicts with the Horde. (Plan and lead a Guild Trek, Raid, or Player vs. Player event to attain this rank. )

Bard: You treasure interaction with your peers over all other things. You also love to regale your friends with tales of your adventures. (Lead a Role-play Event of your choosing to attain this rank.)

Avatar: manifestations of the Sojourners in various aspects of Azerothian life. (Sojourner alts)

Sojourner: Appointed Officers of the League.

Boss: Lifetime Rank and Leader of the League.


Current Boss and Sojourners:

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