The Laws

The League of Intrepid Adventurers are quite simply a culmination of the most daring, enterprising, and savant explorers of Azeroth. As a group of professionals who have dedicated themselves to bettering all within the League, our loyalty and dedication to each other empowers us all to succeed. In order for our great League to stay successful some guidelines must be set forth.

The Laws of the League

A member of LIA is Loyal to the League and it’s members. They are from many political and religious backgrounds. There are no restrictions as long as these affiliations do not impede one’s duties to the League.

Members that lead adventures with others not of the League must stay mindful of how they present themselves. Loot must be divvied fairly, and the needs of all be addressed equally.

Should a situation occur that a member isn’t active for 3 months, and has not given previous notice to a Sojourner, that individual will be removed from the League’s Roster.

As a member of the League we live for challenges. The aid of the League is always available, though it is encouraged for one to take on challenges appropriate for their season without the aid of veterans. This allows for a more prepared and experienced member to develop. This in turn benefits the League as a whole.

Within the League are some of the most experienced and learned craftsman on Azeroth. As such we are in demand for our services. Sales of services to non members is completely the concern of the craftsman. Sales to members within the League should be that of cost. Of course tips are encouraged.

A member in good standing with LIA may Vouch for an individual to be considered for membership. That person will be accepted as a Scout for a probationary period where the prospect must attend 2 Guild meetings to be considered for membership.

No language intended to demean or threaten on the basis of Race, Gender, or Sexual Orientation will be tolerated! While playful banter is the norm, please be respectful of each other. ((Don’t allow real life prejudices or hurtful slang into your speech.)) Warnings from an officer should be taken seriously, repeat offenders will find themselves removed from the League.

The League of Intrepid Adventurers are Draenei, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Humans and Worgen who seek adventure, prosperity, power, and knowledge. We are not an organization for or against the Horde. As such the League may have members that are involved in conflicts against the Horde. With rising hostilities the League understands that deadly force must sometimes be used. It is required that no member of the League intentionally involve themselves in any action that may cause harm to a civilian of any race.

May the League flourish, with every new member adding to us. May our laws strengthen us, never restrict us. May our collective wisdom guide us, never blind us..

To the League we are True!